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Bridal separates, yes you heard us correctly! Piece together your favorite top and bottom for your own unique look. OR use this skirt on top of your 2nd look. We love this concept because it encourages brides to change into a more comfortable dress to party the night away in. This versatile overskirt can be worn over any mini dress, and you can choose to use the bows or not, as each bow is detachable. This adaptability ensures the skirt can match any bride's style. Plus, it also has pockets!

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This micro collection, created in collaboration with Heart of NC Wedding Magazine for their 2025 print issue, beautifully encapsulates the essence of current & upcoming bridal trends. The collection features a harmonious blend of florals and bows. Each look was meticulously designed to embody elegance and modernity, ensuring brides feel both timeless and on-trend on their special day.


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