About Us

When faced with planning a bachelorette party for her sister, the owner Eileen, envisioned the perfect tanks for the event. However after days of online searching, and the event rapidly approaching, she was unable to find the perfect customizable bachelorette tank tops for her sister's big event. Eileen - a graduate of NC State - put her art degree to work where she bought an at home screen printing contraption and spent hours creating sub par tanks for the event (thank goodness technology has advanced since then!) Even though they weren't as good as she wanted, everyone loved them! 
Years later Eileen decided to quit her job in the retail world and start making t-shirts full time! Making sure that all girls out there can have trendy & fashionable items that matches their visions!
Even though we ADORE weddings and bachelorette parties, we want everyone one to be able to enjoy our tees and goodies! We are always excited to collaborate for any event or just for your own personal style!
Eileen Schilly

Eileen Schilly

-Owner & CEO