Midnight Ink Styled Shoot

Welcome to the world of "Midnight Ink," where elegance meets edginess in a timeless celebration of love. This wedding styled shoot combines classic elements with a touch of alternative flair, showcasing the potential journey of a chic and edgy couple from engagement vibes to their unforgettable wedding day and after party.


The couple's engagement session sets the tone for the entire celebration. Against a backdrop of urban landscapes and city lights, an intimate lux lounge, and the playfulness of sidewalk pizza, you can get a sense of the personalities - which is what we encourage all couples to embrace! Be you, 100% authentically you. 

We love a bridal mini dress for engagement sessions for so many reasons, but specifically; 1. It's one of your first "bride moments" so embrace it, flaunt it, enjoyyyy it!! 2. Bridal minis are very versatile and can be used on many different occasions. Also, they are generally much cheaper than traditional bridal. Multiple uses + lower price point .... you can do the girl math IYKYK! In this sequence we had Blake wearing our Birdie Mini. A chic structured dress with emphasized paneling. A shimmer mesh is used for sleeves and in a little peak-a-boo chest duster detail. The Birdie mini hits on multiple trends, but is ultimately timeless! 


Photo credit Cherie Lynne Photos


The inspiration behind the "Midnight Ink" theme revolves around the captivating combination of black, white, navy, and neutrals. These colors come together to create a chic and sophisticated atmosphere, setting the stage for a wedding that is both high-end luxury and alternative. The theme draws influence from an up and coming trend of wedding day tattoos. For many, tattoos are literally a part of their journey and love story... so why not incorporate it in your big day?!


Photo Credit Meggin Grace Photography (formerly known as Tengberg Studios)

The gown worn in this portion of the shoot honestly couldn't have turned out better! Not only did it fit Blake like a glove, it complimented all the major interests we had for this shoot; chic, timeless, but edgy. At first glance the edgyness may be questionable, but it's there. Its from the exposed boning, the sexy shape, and the dark grommets of the lace up back. The Genevieve gown may go down in our mind as a favorite. Plus, it has bows... I mean, come on.. bows are littttterally the biggest trend of 2024.


There were so many influential pieces that made this shoot such a success. Like many planning a wedding, it all started with the venue. The Cannon Room in downtown Raleigh, NC was the setting for this shoot. Theres so much to love about this venue! It's in a historic building, has great views, ceilings are incredibly tall which creates a grandeur, and there is a crispness to the overall feel which essentially creates the perfect blank canvas for any event and design. 

Minted + BRIDES named Marseille Bleu their wedding color of the year 2024. Obviously we wanted to embrace this, and we couldn't be happier. The first blue detail we added was the use of anemones in the floral arrangements. The centers may appear black, but truly they are a deep navy. From there we had a large blue couch centered in the venue space and smaller blue touches throughout the decor. 


Photo Credit Meggin Grace Photography (formerly known as Tengberg Studios)



Who doesn't love a 2nd look at a wedding?! Our bride's first bridal look was meant to be a more traditional look, so we had to go for a sassier second look. Brace yourself! It got spicyyyyyy in the elevator - haha!  We paired our Babette corset with a see through lace skirt. Fun story behind this skirt - we teamed up with Tailored Belles to create it. They took a sample sale dress, removed the lining, and repurposed it to create this show stopping skirt! 
 Photo credit Cherie Lynne Photos


Imagine it's midnight and the wedding is over, but the party has just begun. What would this couple do next? 3 words for you. Tattoos & Speak Easy. The celebration doesn't end with the exchange of vows. The after party brings an extra dose of excitement, with the couple and their guests reveling in the joy of the occasion. The photographers capture candid moments of laughter, dance, and celebration, ensuring that the "Midnight Ink" theme carries through every aspect of the event.

The party kept going and the bride transitions into her most unconventional look of the evening. The Lulu overlay dress, completely sheer and covered in rhinestones. Throw on a fur coat, turn on the sass and your pulling off yet another 2024 trend - Mob Wife.


"Midnight Ink" was more than a wedding styled shoot—it was a masterful journey that showcases the harmonious blend of chic, edgy, and timeless elements. The group of talent and vendors that came together to acheive this story of style and love was top notch! Not only did every design element show excellence. The use of motion blur, traditional photography, and flash photography, completely captured the unique style and the magic that happened. In the end, we hope you enjoyed this journey of "Midnight Ink" where tradition met rebellion in the world of weddings.


Host @be_everthine
Dresses @beboutiquexbeeverthine

Sheer Skirt- @tailoredbelle

Desserts @lbscakes_

Florals @bowerbirdflowers

Stationary @alexisscottdes

Wedding Venue @cannonroomraleigh

Speak Easy Venue @greenlightbar & @the_architect_bar

Bartender @lostinfillory

Lux Lounge Venue @themerchantnc

Pizza Venue @bennysbigtime

Hair - @allthingshairby_valerie

Makeup - @brushedandblushed.byabby

Model  -  @blake_livelier @kylewatkinss

Modeling Agency (for Kyle) @marilynsagency

Spray Tan @glowbabestudio

Set up & Styling @jasmine_latoy

Videographer- @september_photos

Photographers - @tengbergstudio  @cherielynnephoto @emilyreedstromphotography

Special thanks to @heartofncweddings for stopping by to watch it all unfold!


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